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Respiratory/Pulmonary disease is rising exponentially, with the global COVID pandemic showing us the vulnerability of the Respiratory system. The lung, one of the most important organs in the body, is exposed to the external environment. Rising pollution, congestion, allergens, and infections are posing tremendous challenges to Respiratory health, with a worrisome surge in chronic respiratory illnesses. Lung health is closely connected to overall well-being. Addressing and prioritising lung health, both on preventive and treatment fronts is very important to lead a healthy life. As has been rightly said, the next decade needs focus on Respiratory health like never before

With this background, our accomplished Pulmonology and Critical Care team has been tirelessly working to make a difference in Respiratory medicine for the last 2 decades. Headed by Dr. Ravindra M Mehta with skilled and committed professionals from the apex institutes of the country, this team combines skills, knowledge, technology, and vast experience. We  have been leaders in innovations in the field, with many national & international publications.

Our services in the field include general Respiratory Care, focused Speciality chronic Respiratory Disease Clinics (Asthma, COPD, ILD, Pulmonary Hypertension and more), Respiratory Critical Care, Respiratory infections (acute and chronic), Preventive Respiratory care, Allergy, Lung Cancer, Paediatric Respiratory care, and Sleep disorders medicine to name a few. We offer high-end Multi-disciplinary discussions for complex cases. We are pioneers in a field called Interventional Pulmonology (IP), which we have developed and taken to international excellence. We do believe that tech integration is an important aspect, which helps improve patient care using faster and better diagnostics and course corrections. Vaayu is full of such tech innovations, which include one of the first portable (camera look alike) X ray machines in the country.

Our aim at VAAYU is to heal and ‘walk-the-talk’ across the life cycle of the patient’s illness, from regular outpatient care to high-end inpatient care, including ICU Care and challenging therapies such as Lung transplant. We are here to be your partners in Respiratory Care, and be the one-stop shop for all Respiratory and allied speciality issues, especially for complex, unsolved and chronic situations.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, personalised, 360 degree respiratory care through a patient centric shared approach and advance Pulmonary Medicine through research, training and innovation.

Our Vision

To reform the Pulmonary Medicine landscape and be a one-stop solution for Respiratory care

Our Motto

Enhanced and personalised care to make a difference

Our Services
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General Respiratory OPD

Includes all and sundry in respiratory disease such as cough, breathlessness, chest pain and more.

Specialty Respiratory Clinics

A unique product involving 360-degree specialised care for chronic, complex respiratory illnesses like severe asthma, COPD, ILD, pulmonary Hypertension, etc.

Preventive respiratory clinics

An imperative need in modern times that includes much ignored adult respiratory vaccination, smoking/vaping cessation and others.

Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation

Your Ticket to Recovery – A specially designed program to improve overall quality of life in patients with chronic respiratory illness.

Comprehensive sleep clinic

A much needed futuristic service focused on diagnosis and treatment of various sleep disorders that include Obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and many others.

Pediatric pulmonology

Offering services across the landscape – Paediatric allergies, sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy, and other general paediatric disorders.

Allergy & Immunology

To address the allergy explosion, we offer a wide range of allergy tests and treatment protocols including immunotherapy to get those nagging allergies under control.

Bronchoscopy & Interventional Pulmonology

A leadership field for us where we use high end technology and skills for complex situations requiring diagnosis and critical therapy.

ENT services

Specialised ENT evaluation, Sleep related procedures, and other head and neck surgeries. This vertical integrates with all the above services in a very unique model.


lung cryobiopsy for ILD (among the highest in the country)


EBUS procedures (one of the most in the country), Among the 1st center in the country to start an integrated interventional pulmonology centre


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lung cryobiopsy for ILD (among the highest in the country)


EBUS procedures (one of the most in the country)


among the first centres in the country to start an integrated interventional pulmonology centre.


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By a team of highly skilled, renowned and acclaimed team of pulmonologists

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