At VAAYU, we understand that distance can be a deterrent between you and your health. The long wait times in traffic, multiple visits to the doctor to collect and review certain reports, the cost involved with travelling are all practical, yet undiscussed issues.Telehealth is the use of telecommunications and information technology to deliver healthcare services remotely. This can include video conferencing, phone calls, and secure messaging. Telehealth has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it offers a number of benefits for both patients and providers.

Benefits of Telehealth for patient

For patients, telehealth offers a number of benefits, including:

The importance of Telehealth in respiratory health

For example, a patient with asthma can use telehealth to connect with their doctor to discuss their symptoms, adjust their medication, and learn how to use their inhaler properly. A patient with COPD can use telehealth to connect with a respiratory therapist to learn how to perform breathing exercises and manage their oxygen therapy. And a patient with sleep apnea can use telehealth to connect with a sleep specialist to get a diagnosis and treatment plan.

While telehealth offers many benefits, it also has some limitations. These include:

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