Speciality Clinics

A speciality clinic provides a one-stop landing place for next- level care of chronic lung diseases. These clinics are divided by “speciality” which indicates a separate disease of the lung.

It helps patients and healthcare providers focus exclusively on the condition in a protocolised format. This in turn aids the provider to have a panoramic view of the patient, to watch the trends of the condition, and to catch a dip in their health early.

Benefits of Specialty Clinics:

  • Access to Comprehensive Lung Function Laboratory and other Specialised services
  • Access to cutting edge technology at par with the best institutes worldwide: Lung cryobiopsy, Bronchial thermoplasty, Intervapor BTVA, Lung transplant
  • Multi-disciplinary discussion and diagnosis, leading to integrated disease management, under one roof
  • Same day testing
  • Liaisons with world renowned experts in the field
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation planning and enrolment
  • Holistic approach with focus on diet / nutrition, exercise, respiratory hygiene as well as medications and interventions
  • Home services (CXR, spirometry, home antigen identification, etc.) – in progress
  • Access to other services such as support groups

Few of our specialty clinics are as follows:

1. Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Clinic:
ILD is a group of diffuse and progressive lung disorders that leads to worsening breathlessness, dependence on oxygen, difficulty in performing day to day activities and ultimately death.

The challenge in diagnosing ILDs in India is confounded by environmental and cultural factors in the midst of infections, especially tuberculosis. The lack of resources and standardized health care in India, lack of standardized approach to diagnosis of ILD, and the apparent phobia, reluctance, hesitancy, and/or uncertainty that most patients in India, contribute to the current conservative approach to the diagnosis of new onset of ILD in India, i.e., assumed diagnosis and reliance on the individual clinician’s judgment. Thus, the treatment of ILDs is empirical in most patients.

At VAAYU, we have been constantly engaged in clinical research in ILD that helps us provide unparalleled care to our patients. These include:

  • Obtaining accurate diagnoses using highly comprehensive clinical evaluation & sophisticated, state of the art diagnostics
  • Initiating disease-modifying treatments
  • Providing supportive care, including oxygen therapy, palliative care services, and patient support groups among others
  • Managing comorbidities including various cardiovascular diseases, etc
  • Discussing & providing access to lung transplantation
  • Providing palliative and end-of-life care


2. Severe Asthma Clinic

Systematic and organized care for people with severe asthma leads to improved outcomes. A dedicated severe asthma clinic is a way to provide this care. Multidisciplinary team management is regarded as best practice for many chronic diseases. At VAAYU, we offer a speciality clinic service that allows patients to see two pulmonologists, and their case is discussed with radiologists, allergy specialists, ENT and other specialties for a holistic approach.

Purpose of a severe asthma service

The purpose of a severe asthma service is multifactorial and progress through such a service follows a staged and systematic approach to:

  • Confirm diagnosis
  • Optimize self-management skills and treatment
  • Treat asthma triggers and relevant comorbidities
  • Trial add-on therapies
  • Provide opportunities for training and research

3. Others such as:

  • COPD clinic
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic
  • Sarcoidosis Clinic