12+ Years of Experience
Dr. Rohit Vadala


  • Area of expertise: tuberculosis and sleep
  • Publications: > 50 publications in several national and international journals
  • Trained from the apex insititue of the country, AIIMS, Delhi, Dr. Rohit Vadala’s interest areas range from Asthma to COPD to ILD and respiratory infection. He is actively involved in research and innovations with >50 publications in various national and international journals.

Professional and dedicated with more than 7 years of experience with a goal to empower patients through education, exercise and holistic care, promoting self management and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Commonly treats : Cardiovascular and respiratory disorders like RLD ,COPD ,Bronchial asthma , post CABG cardiac rehabilitation ,Shoulder and knee rehabilitation and Low back pain management.


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Skilled in treatment planning, Implementation and monitoring progress of patients with Chronic Heart and Lung conditions and Management.

Published articles and research in the field of cardiovascular and respiratory physiotherapy.

Areas of expertise :

Expertise & Skills

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Client Satisfaction 30%
Medic Success 60%
Client Referral 90%

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